Thursday, September 12, 2002

ok im soooo sorry i havent written nething in... 1 month and whatever days but ive been MUCHO busy! i am happy 2 report (NOT!) that we r bak in school and i am yet again weighed down beyond reason with homework. not 2 mention after school stuff and millie and co. being annoying as ever. OY! well now im gonna go bak and tell u about my vacations.... btw: i uninstalled trillian and redownloaded AIM... lol j2luk, IM me if u want 2: blackmagick54. anyway, my vacations... here we go. ONWARD!

*~*wavy memory lines*~*
niagara falls: july 26th-august 3rd:
day one: driving for about 9 hrs. left home at 4:30 a.m. and arrived at campground around 6:00 p.m. (we took our time driving up here.)
after we got there i slept b/c i was tired. then we went 2 the falls later that night and it was PRETTY!!! they had colors on em and everything it was beautiful! lol. earlier, int he car i was SOOO bored that i wrote jess a note that turned into a whole-vacation-long note. 26 pages long, to be exact. front and bak. lol. and hte paper didnt have lines. lol. going up i wrote lymerics. i will type them here:
there once was a girl in a truck
she was all squished up like a duck!
so she wrote a lymeric (and spelled it wrong.)
nothing rhymes with mymeric (spelled wrong)
and 2 plus 2 is 4.

the road has a rough surface
but i say, "surface-shmurface!"
jewish words are fun,
and so is the sun
4 plus 4 is 8.

there once was a house.
it burned to the ground.
i don't want this 2 rhyme
my knee hurts
the end

i am racing a train.
it might be carrying grain.
i am mucho squished up
my knee hurts
"we will deliver!"

the word of the day is 'moist'
i hate that word.
but i live cucumbers
and i love bologna
and i love gum.

my dad has fuzzies on his neck.
i miss my big deck
i'm still squished
my knee still hurts
we're driving rather slow.

we passed a place called "conrad"
he has a brother named "shmonrad"
i am bored
jess loves kevin
and i love justin

i'm turning into a sap.
millie needs a slap
thumper is fine.
he's also mine!
i really gotta sneeze... achoo!

i am hungry
i need food
the end
the word moist is gay
i hate it.

my lymerics suck
nickel is a shmuk.
but thats ok
he is my friend
i think this is the end!

jone (aye!) has mooooooved!
we are all saaaaaaad!
i'm exaaaaaaaadgerating on the vowels,
oooooooooh well.

i wrote 12 lymerics in 12 minits.
we r going over the "casteloin-on-hudson" bridge.
theres a big boat underneath.
i also see my train.

matt is mkutt.
he smells like butt
i can't spell lymeric
nothing rhymes with it.
i am looking at a bunny.

also on my vaca-drive up i saw: a rubber chicken sticking out of the end of a trailer truck, a woman stripping in the ladies bathroom (all the way... EWWIE!!!) road signs, and more than half the license plates of all 50 states. i didn't c hawaii.

on my vaca (the whole thing) i got to: see niagara falls (duh) pet a killer whale on the nose and feed him in his mouth (DUH!!!) meet a new friend, ryan, see sum mutant bear w/onmly half a nose (i named him Sniffy. he had a friend named Fraudst. Fraudst was my other favorite, along with Sniffy.) and i went on lotsa rides and i saw lotsa sea aminals but no penguins in which r my fave's (boohoo), and also i saw on TV thsi guy named "ben chen" LOL!!!
well im gonna finish more 2morrow...
staywarm this summer! BYE!!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2002

hi! im on vacation. will type more about BOTH (yes, both! wha-nu-nun!!!) vaca's munday wen i get home so... yay! so, until then...
wear sockies at nighty-night time becuz its chilly in the north altantic submerine system!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

well hello morgan. im gonna keep this short b/c i dont feel like typing, i haveta type up nickels story, and trillian is acting mucho f***ing gay. nuthing happened this week so far, jess spent the weekend, saturday we went 2 the mall and sunday we went 2 my aunts fer a cookout. we walked 2 oxbow variety and met up w/kevin and kenny. it was fun. we went on the roof of the porch, courteney told on us (she is my 9 year old devil i mean cousin) we got in trubble and i hope sumthing gets her in MUCHO A LOT of truble very soon. friday we r leaving fer naigra fer vaca w/kevin and lou ann and it will b "fun" yea right. i have my sister 2 hang out w/the ENTIRE week. DAMNIT!!!!!!! ugh. all of a sudden im in a mucho bad mood. hmmm, wunder y...
watch the mothman prophecies its mucho cool and such! nehoot...
so it will b ucky and i will call ppl (jess) frum there w/my calling cards and stuff. i will write nickel stories and b mucho bored. the end. we leave the 26th and get bak the 3rd. carol and millie annoy the shit out of me. (c look! *points across sky* there it goes!!)
my hands/wrists are KILLING me! im not typing up nick's story 2nite. damn carpel tunnel!!!!

dont sniff nail polish, it will kill ur brain cells. ~kate the pissed off.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

hihi! guess wut morgan? i really DID stub my toe! oh and it hurted mucho a lott-ness. ok, heres wut happened:
jess insisted my sister waked me up so she did and i was like, "GRRR!" and such. then i was going upstairs and i stubbed my toe on the tv and it hurt A LOT and i skinned my toe so i was like, "OWWW! GRRR!" and such. jess was laffing and etc. so it was/is all her fault. then i put lotsa bandaids on it and made it a Wad. the end.

jess is over now and we talked last night a lot and stuff and now were waiting fer sum1 2 get out of the pottyroom (aka the "Businessroom" LOL!!!) so jess can take a shower. ttyl!

dont throw peanuts at old ladies becuz they have feelings too, theyre just old feelings.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

well morgan, i'm bak again, after a semi-mucho long amount of time, b/c i was away fer the weekend, didnt feel like typing out the entire day(s) (when i was home and could), and then, of course, theres the simple fact that nuthing happened (most days). but j.w.k. (LOL!!! jollin remember those nicknames?? hahahahaa!) told me 2 update my blog so i am. yay! plus yesterday i typed it all up and it dissapeared on me GRRRRR!!!!! i hate wen that happens... but, if were gonna get telling it, lets get on with it then! (lol)

ok neway over the weekend i went w/my cousins 2 storyland and it SUCKED!!!!! they fot all the time, they were MUCHO annoying and it was so boring at a park fer toddlers! (mostly... but i got jollin a bday present i hope she hearts! lol) c, one of my cousins is 14 (younger than me by 2 weeks... yay fer me! lol) and one is like, 11, but they act like little kids. they fight ALL THE TIME and its always about the littlest and stupidest thingies and its so stupid and annoying!!! grrrrr....
neway, so yea i did that but there was this kid who also came w/us his name is chris and he's cool. (he's kinda cute too. lol. but just a smidge... no offense to him. hes a total pretty boy tho and its kinda a turn-off. ya kno?) so that was the highlight of the weekend.
what, u ask? well, thats simple... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!! OOOOH OOOOH!!!! *and* we camped fer the weekend **and** it wasnt even *real* camping it was... EWWWW!!!!... *tent* camping... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! o god it was hell. ***AND*** theyre car broke down in duxbury or w/e (i think) on the way home at like, 4:00 and we were stuck there till SIX O'CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turns out their fan belt broke! the pully froze up totally. (the plus side: at least we were almost home, less than 100 miles. we were gonna drive thu the mountains on the kengamengas highway but we didnt... phew!!! we wood have been stuck out there b/c it wood have taken us an hour plus 2 get thru the mountains) but neway, moving on...

this week so far nuthing has happened but (a look to the future here...) friday my gramma is coming up frum the cape and jess is spending the weekend and we r going 2 the mall friday (yay finally!) and saturday me jess jollin ben justin (or if he cant come then mayb nickel) and kevin (who is now going out w/jess again... YAY!!!!!!!! mucho-ly good fer me and her equally since she always complained/whined/bitched 2 me about how she loved him but he didnt like her nemore and she wood never have anuther chance w/him and yadda yadda yadda ALL THE TIME... mucho long hrs. of headaches fer me and advice frum me! OY!!! but i didnt mind too much. but anyway) we will all (mayb/hopefully) walk 2 moonstruck, a mucho cool coffee house-type thing like central perk on friends but its mine... YAY!!! (millie thinks shes so cool b/c she goes there 2 but shes a total annoying dork and etc!!! ugh i hate her...) and we will have fun. then sunday my aunt sandra is having a cookout where we will all attend (mummy me jess kristin and mayb/hopefully daddy) and my auntie claire will b there frum florida and i heart her and havent seen her in a mucho long time and her daughter is coming too and she lives in PARIS which is sooo cool and she has a little girl who i have never met but shes mucho cute b/c i kno ive seen pictures and omg this is a really really long run-on sentence ewwie! lol. my nails r wet right now becuz i am painting them. lol. i am also watching one of my fave movies moulin rouge. yay!!

well morgan im gonna go so ill ttyl (sooner than it took me 2 write 2day hopefully... ill try!)

here.i'll leave u with sumthing deep and meaningful (fer once and once only! i dont kno y but i am and will... so dont get used to it! lol.) well, here it is:

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return." ~Spectacular, Spectacular (from the movie 'Moulin Rouge')
(u shood c this movie!!!!!!!!!)

love always, kate

Monday, July 08, 2002

hey morgan im home! well i started 2 talk 2 u yesterday but i stopped b/c i didnt feel like typing my whole weekend. sry about that! but o well. so here it is (b/c i have nothing better 2 do):

wed-- i got 2 jess' house and they had company... one of jess' best friends and one of her mom robbins best friends (jess' friend and robins friend are mother and daughter, j2luk.) the girls name is nikki shes wicked nice and cool and such. we played cards. her moms name is lisa shes also wicked awesome b/c she took nikki 2 summer jam and actually *liked* most of the music. lol. so we hung out and had home-made maccaroni fer dinner b/c robin and lisa had stuffed peppers... ewwie!!! the kids didnt like em so we had the affromentioned maccaronni. i think i spelled maccaronni wrong sumwhere in here but thats ok. then we went 2 bed after staying up a bit late and talking. the end. o and lisa and nikki went home around 9-ish i think.

thurs-- we went to jess' grandma's house... she has a wicked cool convertible!!! lol. it was hott but there was ac so that was good. i met and re-met sum of jess' family (b/c sum i had met b4... well actually, all of the ppl there i had met b4 at one point. lol) and it was fun b/c theyre wicked cool and nice and etc. it was 4th of july, so thats why we were at her grandma's house, j2luk. we played w/jess' godson alex (hes soooo cute!!!) and i had steak. it was yummmmmmy!!!! lol. i love steak. then b4we went 2 jess grandmas house we walked 2 jone's house and hung out b/c we made him this photo book thingie in which we REALLY hoped he liked and he did. we had cream sodas and then had 2 literally run 2 jess' house b/c we were late. grrrr. it was hott!!! but then we went 2 the affromentioned house of jess' gramma and it was ac'ed so i was happier. yay! in fact, yayfun! one werd! lol. i also got my towle bak frum jone that he borrowed. then we went home and the rest of the day went by and we stayed up late and talked again. we did it every night, so im not gonna tell u that every single new day now, b/c im telling u here. so thats the end of thursday...

..and the beginning of friday!!! well friday was **mucho** fun/hectic/tiring/prophitable/fun!!! (yes i kno i said fun twice) we worked at webster lake frum 12-11 (aka noon till 11 at night!!!) and it was wicked cool. i made 75$ so YAY!!! lol. i made friends with these guys (grownups) named paul and mike theyre wicked cool. i especially liked paul b/c he was REALLY nice 2 me and such. so i worked at the concession stand all day and it was fun and i ran the cash register that randomly beeped at me so that kinda made me mad. but i got it 2 work. the fireworks were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! and they were wicked long and they had NO duds like baypath does which make baypath (aka gaypath... lol) fireworks crappy and suckish so every1 shood go 2 webster lake fireworks next year fer the 4th of july. the end. lol. then after i got off work there were still games and ect. open so me and jess climbed the wall and i hurted my foot... DAMN YOO WALL!!! lol. but i was in sandals so it was expected lol... but neway thats the end of friday. o yea! fer breffast i had a iced coffee and a bagel frum dunkin donoughts and i also won i toy mouse in a game yay! and we went on the BIG slide... DOUBLE-YAY!!! lol. offical end of friday.

saturday-- we played frisbee in the field across frum jess' house and i got a skeeter-bite and its ITCHY!!!!!! damn endangered species... LOL!!!!! (go c lilo and stitch!!!) but uther than that we did nuthing but talk talk TALK!!!!!!! and then we talked sum more. we borrowed the frisbee frum the little boy who lives in jess' apt. bldg. hes wicked cute and his names tyler. he has bright red hair its adorable! lol. we played peek-a-boo w/him in the window (sort of...) it was fun. hes like, 5 or so. i dunno. ummm... yea we basically did nuthing else tho but we watched motocrossed and hung around her house. we were gonna go 2 a graduation partay but we blew it off lol. o well...

sunday-- the day i came home. we talked 2 kevin ont he phone (o yea we also did that saturday) and he came over fer like, 5 minits. he brought his motorcycle and i was like, "EXCELLENT!!!" lol. b/c it was. we basically hung out again and talked a lot more. robin woodnt take us 2 the mall... boo!! (btw: friday was jollins b/day so yay! i sent her a cute and cool e-card.) but she went out randomly w/friends. i think she saw star wars sunday or saturday, i dont remember. but she said it sucked. thats all that happened sunday. o yea we also walked 2 brooks but thats not important b/c it wasnt very exciting.

monday-- aka today: i slept late and ate a sandwich. talked 2 jollin online and made plans 2 go 2 c/huhs party. shannon is getting her operation on her neck (and knees? i dont remember... mayb) very mucho soon so good luck 2 u shannon we love yoo! and if u die ill kill u!!! LOL!!! jk hun i heart yoo! ummm... millie was being really annoying and she said: "j/o!!!! f/a" and wtf does that mean?! seriously... wut a dorktard she is. ummm... o yea ppl told me nickel was getting home the 12th and they all lied b/c hes home and its only the like, 8th and i think he got home while i was at jess' house... stupid nickel and etc. lying 2 me!!! grrrr! lol jk. i also found anuther skeeter-bite on my arm and its also ITCHY!!!!! DAMNIT!!!! and i have NO clue where this one came frum, uther than frum a skeeter. GRRRR!!!!! *scratch* *itch* *etc* lol.

well morgan, i think thats it!!! YAY!!!!! lol good b/c my hands hurt and im hott and i wanan go eat then swim. LATER!!!!

dont pick ur nose then eat ur boogers, becuz its gross and it gives u ringworm! ~kate

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

NOOOO!!!! i havent written in the last few days! but thats becuz... absolutely nothing happened. except that i swam. a lot. the end. damn heat wave!!! well, im spending the LOOOONG weekend (wed-sun) at jess' house b/c camping is gay, so that shood b exciting. LOL!!! cant wait! ummm, i dunno wut were doing the whole time but on friday i *do* kno this much: making mucho dinero!!!! WHOOO!!!! working the concession stand at webster lake; over 90$ i will make!!! LOL!!!!! so that shood b fun! (plus, cha-ching!!! hmmmm... im thinking... MALL TRIP!!!!!!!)
so i g2g, packing and ect. needs 2 b started (lol) ttyl morgan!!!!!
p.s. if u read this and are ne 1 of my friends and wanna stop by, b my guest. it'll b fun, talking and watching the fireworks... fireworks are pretty!!! YAY!!! (only rule: u cant come and act gayish and dorky and dumb!!!!!!!!! or ill kick u out!!! and ill b *mucho* mad at u!!! lol)

always look before u cross!!!! love, kate (strictly aafo... lol)